Have You Looked At Your Rates Recently?

Rates + Fees By American Express July 21, 2016

American Express average rates decreased over the last few years.1 Our rates are now more comparable to our competitors. When Dante Osei, VP of Finance at Carnegie Fabrics, took a closer look at his company’s statements, he found that American Express rates were better than he originally thought.


Still not convinced?
Hear more from Dante about how accepting American Express has helped his business grow and become more efficient.

Like Carnegie Fabrics, your card acceptance fees may not be what you expect. Get your complimentary rate analysis by calling 1-855-848-2406 between the hours of 9am—5pm EST or emailing KnowYourRate@aexp.com today.*

* The Customized Rate Analysis is only available to merchants that have an American Express® Card acceptance agreement directly with American Express. Merchants signed by third parties (including Merchants that are part of the OptBlue program) are not eligible for a Customized Rate Analysis.

1 American Express Average Effective Rate is based on total estimated U.S. charge volume for all Card-accepting merchants from 2010 to 2015 and excludes behavioral fees.
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