How Do Your Credit Card Fees Stack Up?

Rates + Fees By American Express July 21, 2016

All cards you accept have fees as a part of doing business. But fees aren’t always clear and it can be difficult to know the details of what you’re paying (or how they compare) across cards.

Let us do the work for you. Get your complimentary rate analysis started today. We will help you look for your potential cost savings by helping you see what you are really paying in card processing fees. You might also find that your American Express rate is better than you think.


When it comes to accepting American Express, the numbers speak for themselves:


Card acceptance fees aren’t always what they seem.
72%1 of merchants who participated believed bankcard rates to be lower than they actually are.

Our rates are often comparable to or better than other credit cards.
55%1 of analyzed statements show American Express rates to be lower than or equivalent to bankcard rates.

American Express® Card Members spend more annually on their credit card.
Our Card Members spend 3.2X more per year on their American Express Card than cardholders spent on their Non–American Express Cards.2

To get started on your complimentary rate analysis, simply call
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It’s free, and we do all the work!

* The Customized Rate Analysis is only available to merchants that have an American Express® Card acceptance agreement directly with American Express. Merchants signed by third parties (including Merchants that are part of the OptBlue program) are not eligible for a Customized Rate Analysis.

“The consultation process was simple and helpful. There was no pressure, just friendly professional advice that helped our business understand what was really happening with our rates.”
— Strictly Bicycles, Nelson Gutierrez

1 American Express-commissioned Customized Rate Analysis Program Effectiveness Report based on American Express’ analysis of monthly credit and charge card statements for over 1800 merchants, mostly small businesses, across multiple industries, between January and December of 2015. Small businesses are merchants that, in general, have $3 million or less in American Express Card charge volume annually.
2 Source: Nilson Report 1080, Feb. 2016; Derived as 2015 credit purchase volume divided by year-end number of credit cards.
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